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What is AdGrasper all about?

AdGrasper is an affiliate marketing platform which enables you to earn through various advertising plans. By choosing one of the plans, you can monetize your websites and blogs and these plans are optimized irrespective of the market scenario.

About Us

What makes us different?

The whole concept of AdGrasper is for the comfort of its affiliates. Unlike other advertising platforms, we give our affiliates the opportunity to earn right after joining us. We help you monetize your websites even when the giants of the internet stops you from doing that! Isn’t it a deal you shouldn’t miss?

Are you running a website or a blog?

Are you not able to monetize it into the way it should be?

Don't have an adsense account to generate money?

Join with us to generate the money you deserve!

How do we work?

Well, when you collaborate with us, a whole setup is made available to provide you with advertising revenue. Here’s a little walkthrough of your journey:You pick a plan and your advertising account is activated instantly after payment.We link up your account to our platform and provide the required codes and details as per your requirements.

As the work continues, returns are generated and added to your portfolio. You can access payouts monthly. A monthly report is generated and provided to you before the credit transfer. You can also request reports once every week.

Also, we are working on a system where you can indulge in the advertising directly too and earn even more than before. The system will help you outsource part of the ad operations through us while you focus on the real work, thus generating more income.

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